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As an Old Italian fishing village, Camogli is a town in the province of Genoa that literally means when translated “houses close together” which is so true of this town. Lined by many pastel homes close together Camogli is located between the Ligurian Sea and the Portofino Mountain. The small population of 7,000 is made up of families of fishermen, sailors and sea captains who use Camogli as a place to lay their heads when they come back from some intense fishing sessions. With plenty of festivals, food and history, Camogli is a wonderfully quiet town close in proximity to the nearby celebrity driven area but far enough to keep most of them away.

Sights to See in Camogli

There are plenty of things to do in this small town such as the Christopher Columbus nautical institute where many of the merchant marines in Italy study before heading out to the sea. There is no shortage of churches as well such as the basilica Santa Maria Assunta which is the largest of the five churches in town. In the same area there is an old castle which is currently housing a small aquarium for visitors. A short walk away, you can find the Mariner’s Museum or just walk around town and see all the local markets, shops and women sitting around knitting. Don’t forget about the beach as well where you can head out for some great scuba diving. There are plenty of festivals as well including the Blessing of the Fish held during May which is a major event.

Getting Around Town

The best way to see Camogli is by foot. You can get there by train or a 20 minute car hire from Genoa, but driving within the city is not recommended. Parking is limited, especially in the summertime. Keep in mind that there are a lot of stairs so you will need to have good walking shoes.

Camogli Accommodations

With a handful of wonderful hotels you do have a choice of where to stay. The hotels are very authentic to Italy with pleasant staff, lush grounds and good value for your money.

What to Eat in Camogli

With so much walking to do, you are definitely going to work up an appetite. You can satisfy that hunger by stopping in at one of the plentiful Italian restaurants for a real authentic Italian meal. Camogli has some fine dining restaurants as well as many family style restaurants and cafes. With the homemade pesto sauce that is specific to this region as well as the bountiful seafood, there is no shortage of good food. You can’t leave Camogli without trying their world famous desserts as well. One great restaurant is the Ristorante Rosa which has magnificent foods and awesome views.

This little town remains almost completely unspoiled by the larger towns around it and with fishing, pastel homes, and a great beach it truly is one of the best places to visit either for a day or a week. There is plenty to do and more to eat then you could ever imagine. While on the Italian Riviera there is no better place to visit.

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