Rapallo Hotels and Local Information

Upon arriving in Rapallo you may think that you are in just any other busy resort town in Italy, but behind the traffic and blocks of houses lays a gracious old seaside port. Most of the town follows along the beautiful harbor with medieval castles hovering above you. With a great seafront that shows the history of this amazing town you have a lot of lively activities to explore, music to listen to, and places to eat. It is quite easy to see why many of the most prominent Italian residents like to call this town home.

Sights to See in Rapallo

The main attraction in this seaside town is of course the waterfront. When you head down there you can find many of the castles which you can visit as well as the mysterious cliffs you can climb. As with most of the villages and towns in the Genoa area there are plenty of churches to visit such as The Cathedral of Santi Gervasio e Protasio which dates back to the middle ages. The grounds surrounding this church are great to explore as well. After you are done walking through the waterfront area you can take a cable car up to the hills behind Rapallo where you can find Santuario di Montallegro, another historic and beautiful church. Here is where you will find the most stunning views of Rapallo and the coastline.

Getting Around Town

Rapallo town and can easily be accessed by foot, bicycle or scooter. All of the main attractions are within walking distance nearby to the larger resorts and hotels so you can simply leave your hotel and head out for the day. There is also a train service that takes you to various coastal towns around the waterfront. During the summer there is a ferry shuttle that runs between the towns as well. Although you don’t need a car to drive around town, if you are planning on driving to other coastal towns you will find ample parking at many of the hotels in Rapallo.

Rapallo Accommodations

With a mixture of old and new hotels you will have many choices when it comes to the Rapallo Accommodations. There are modern hotels as well as historic hotels that you can call home for a few days or a few weeks. Many of the hotels are down on the waterfront and offer amazing views, stellar customer service, and plenty of luxury that you can only get in Rapallo.

What to Eat in Rapallo

The question is not what to eat rather how much to eat should be the question. With amazing top-notch restaurants like Arnold’s, Ca del Frate, and Pizzeria dei Naviganti you certainly have your work cut out for you when trying to eat as much of their good food as possible. From child friendly outdoor café’s to 5-star romantic restaurants that offer some of the best views in town you can feast on authentic Italian cuisine, fabulous wines, and traditional seafood that will melt in your mouth. Many of the restaurants are found within the hotels or down on the waterfront. Reservations should be made during the summertime.

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