Santa Margherita Hotels and Local Information

The Town Of Santa Margherita, Liguria, Italy

Santa Margherita is where old fashioned culture meets the new modern world. As a resort town it sees its fair share of affluent visitors but with an old town feel it brings in many families and couples looking to relax and unwind. Larger than some of the neighboring towns, Santa Margherita’s draw is the beautiful harbor which holds a small fishing fleet which brings in most of the business to the lively fish markets, outdoor cafes and shopping markets. Santa Margherita is wonderful for just sitting and catching up with old friends down at the seafront where you can enjoy many bars and restaurants. With a balmy climate and attractive views, Santa Margherita is a comfortable, long established resort town.

Sights to See in Santa Margherita

Besides the waterfront which offers the bulk of the attractions such as historical homes, winding streets in which to shop and eat as well as many of the maritime attractions, the low hill that dominates the waterfront is great to explore. There are overgrown passageways that offer you lush landscaping and great walking trails that take you from the city center to the outer parts of this wonderful town. A fancy church dots the landscape which you can visit. The church of San Giacomo in Corte is beautiful and worth the visit for sure. You can also see the Villa Durazzo which is a famous monument before you head over to the public park to sit among the garden terraces.

Getting Around Santa Margherita Town

With a train station nearby you can reach anywhere in Santa Margherita and beyond. You can also take a ferry around town which departs from the Piazza Martiri della Liberta. You can also hire a car or simply walk to all the attractions since Santa Margherita is very easy to get around.

Santa Margherita Accommodations

There are a plethora of hotels in and around Santa Margherita. Many of them are seaside resorts that are rated four and five star but all of them are comfortable, relaxing and beautiful to look at. With over 20 hotels, you have a choice of budgets as well. The pricier hotels are the most modern and they offer the luxury that some simply do not have. However, in all hotels you will find the Italian hospitality and charm that you are looking for.

What to Eat in Santa Margherita

Eating is as much of a tradition in Santa Margherita as fishing is. The sea itself provides much of the fresh fish that you can find daily which is absolutely mouthwatering. You can also literally smell the warm focaccia coming from many of the bakeries and cafes as you walk around the harbor. The cuisine in Santa Margherita is traditional yet inventive. With many fresh agriculture through the area the vegetables and fruits are delectable and yet elegant at the same time. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from as well as many different themes. Many of them can be found in the hotels or in the harbor area. With a true authentic Italian feel you can indulge in creations that you never dreamed possible.


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